Gouda bij Kaarslicht

Programme Gouda by Candlelight 2019

Welcome to 'Gouda by Candlelight', the kick-off for the Christmas period in the historic town centre of Gouda. 'Gouda sounds familiar to many people by its famous export product: Gouda cheese!

Gouda by Candlelight presents about 70 activities in approx. 30 locations. You may enjoy performances by theatre groups, choirs, musical groups and other artists, both professional and amateur. Galleries and museums organise a number of exhibitions and other special activities during this event.

Below a printable pdf-file of the entire programme is included, together with a link to a block-diagramm of the programme. Finally the lyrics of the Christmas carols and songs (Dutch) that will be sung during the community singing, starting at 6.30 pm and during the ceremony of enlightning the tree, which starts at 7 pm on the Market square.

The 18th of december the ice skating track, surrounding the old town hall (Location 1 on the Market square), will be open up to Sunday 12th of January 2020.

Enjoy your stay! Please visit Gouda again, in summertime it is just as beautiful as during wintertime.

Click here to download the full program (~30 pages, incl. City Walks, 2mb) (PDF)

Click here for the summary, block diagram with map 2019 (PDF)

Click here for the downloadable booklet (in Dutch, PDF)

Follow this link for more information about the exhibitors in pop-up restaurant and art exhibition De Gouwekerk.


Click here for the lyrics of the Christmas carols community singing 6.30-7pm (in Dutch-PDF)

Click here for the lyrics of carols and songs ceremony 7-8pm (In Dutch) (PDF)

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