Gouda bij Kaarslicht

Information for journalists, web & content owners and other publishers

When visiting Gouda by Candlelight, press representatives may take a spot in the circle surrounding the Christmas tree, during the ceremony between 7 and 8 pm.

Please assign in time, but at the latest before Wednesday the 6th of December and mail to: communicatie@gouda.nl . Admission only with a pre-booked accreditation.

There is also a limited number of places available to take pictures from the tower of Saint John's church. Please contact the Communication Dept. of the Municipality of Gouda at +31(0)182 589191 or communicatie@gouda.nl


When you intend to include information about Gouda by Candlelight, please contact us via the e-mail adress below. Information and provided pictures may be used on the one condition that the name of the photographer is mentioned in your publication.

When using information provided by the Gouda by Candlelight Foundation, please provide a link to or a copy of your publication to the foundation.

For all enquiries, feel free to contact us. Mail to: info@goudabijkaarslicht.nl 

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